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Grand Griffon Vendéen - Brief Historical Summary: Initially only the Grand Vendeéen existed. It was a short-haired variety of Vendéen descending from the "Greffiers"* or from the so-called "King's white hound"*. Neither should we forget mentioning the "griffon fauve de Bretagne" in its origins because the former enters for an important part into the bloodlines of the "Greffier". The "Chien Gris de St. Louis" and the "Griffon de Bresse" (descendants of Ségusian ancestors) brought as well their contribution to the creation of the Grand Griffon.
(*Early 16th century – Translator's note).
- General Appearance: A very old breed, French in type, receptive and determined, distinguished in its shapes and gaits. Well proportioned construction, robust without heaviness.
- Behavior: Fine nose, has a beautiful voice; assiduous on the track, does not refuse thorny undergrowth, needs large territories.
- Temperament: Docile, but willful and passionate, needs to be kept well in hand.

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