— The breeder who signs the Breeder's Pledge commits himself to respecting all its points. This gives him the right to appear on the lists of puppies for sale prepared and distributed by the Club to those interested. He must be a member of the Club with his current dues paid.

— The breeder's commitment starts on the day he signs the pledge for the first time. It is tacitly renewed annually except if cancelled at the request of either the breeder or the Club. If the breeder does not respect the conditions of the pledge, the Club's Committee can decide to remove him from the list, thereby putting an end to the associated benefits.

— The Club declines any responsibility in case of a problem occurring with a breeder having signed the Pledge, for it cannot guarantee the sincerity of those having signed, it can only make their names known.

— Le Club agrees to publish in its bulletin the names of all new subscribers to the pledge as well as those having given it up, voluntarily or not. Signing the pledge is proof of the desire to subscribe to it but acceptation is dependant on approval by the Committee. Upon approval, the new subscriber receives a document certifying his acceptance and specifying his commitment to to respecting the following rules:

Have a registered kennel name and accept inspection of his establishment by a member of the Committee accompanied by a regional representative of the association.
Respect all of the rules laid down by the Société Centrale Canine.
No pup shall be sold under 8 weeks of age.
All litters will be registered in a studbook recognized by the F.C.I., an obligation for all members of the same family living at the same address.
All litters will have a minimum ranking of 5.
A bill of sale is obligatory, carrying the mention "Subscriber to the Club Breeder Pledge a copy of which given to the buyer".
Advise on the proper care of the pup and follow its progress.
If the pup is refused at the confirmation before the age of three years, the breeder agrees either to reimburse 50% of the price or replace the pup, the choice belonging to the buyer.
It is recommended to support the Club by trying to make new members and by participating at the Nationale d'Elevage.

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