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riquet Griffon Vendéen - Brief Historical Summary: It is the only breed keeping this name "Briquet" which signifies "medium-sized dog". Selection dates from before the first World War by the Comte d'Elva. It is a harmonious and improved reduction of the Grand Griffon Vendéen, distinguished, rather stocky in its construction. Decimated several times because of wars, the Briquet type reappeared in Fontenay le Comte (Vendée) in 1946. At present one finds numerous subjects of quality; a team of Briquets won the trophy of France on roe deer in 1995 and numerous teams are unleashed on wild boar.
- General Appearance: Griffon of medium size, receptive and very determined. Rather stocky and well proportioned.
- Behavior: Fine nose; fast dog with pleasant voice, does not refuse bramble; very nimble on rough terrain, hunts rather with nose to the wind.
- Temperament: He takes a lot of initiative, has stamina and is robust. It must be equally good at working a cold track, at starting game and at driving it. The Briquet is a passionate hunter; it is up to his master to make him obey.

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